When you waste …

When you waste time believing your own BS, You diminish your power.

There has been nights I’ve been up all night until 4am. There’s been nights I’ve been interrupted out of my sleep. All Because of THOUGHTS.

We say we don’t or cant control our feelings. I believe we can. I believe the feelings we say we cant control are the feelings that we “secretly” don’t want to control in certain cases. We find ourselves mad at others for how we feel about certain situations pertaining to that person, not realizing that we are letting that person control our feelings…control our thoughts… or even our actions, because we act based off of our feelings right? It’s crazy how a person can actually have the upper hand of someone else’s actions… intangibly at that.

Have you ever just decided to actually break a conflict down to the crumb?

Have you ever just decided to put yourself in that persons shoes just to at least attempt to accumulate the reasons behind that persons actions?

Let me tell you, that wasn’t my focus at that very point in time, Like, I’m mad who has time to try and break a situation down when you’re mad? Who does that? right?

Well, We, Us, Humans Love to have POWER. We love being in Control. It would be even better to have ourselves under control.

How can we have that power if we are giving someone else the power?

How can we control ourselves if we are giving the “control” to someone else?

We give them the power and control by perceiving the situation based off of our own emotions without even trying to understand a single thing which leads to uncontrollable emotions and when you cant control something you are powerless right? It all trickles down.

Take the time out to break the situation down. Try and understand the actions that are taking place. Put yourself in that person’s shoes. Converse with that person with an open and understanding heart, 100/100 you’ll receive closure/validation.

When you actually do just that you’ll feel powerful and in control, because you simply handled the situation in a powerful manner. Don’t assume because you’ll lose that power.

It all begins with you! When you realize you have the power to feel anyway you want to, you’ll be free and powerful!

Cierra Pritchett


Feel free to leave any comments, I’m all up for growth! Peace&Love!


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